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Renew Agriculture: The central farm or microgrid can start out as small as 5 MW with existing or any renewable energy source. Farms can be added with each providing 9600 Kwh with eight solar panels on a pole. As interested farmers wishing to Enhance Income may add more poles. As a group of farms participating in Agricultural Renew can add up to 1 GW or more of solar power. Farms can be any size small or large.  No arable farmland is used. No need to lease farms.

Startup Capital

Start with an existing source of energy, operated by an agricultural or electric cooperative, add additional sources of energy to manage increase in demand of energy for 5 homes is 18,000 kwh (1 kilowatt/home x 60 secs x 60 minutes x 5 homes) 4 poles with 32 panels to small town with 50 megawatts.

Capital risks in this project is extremely low. Crop guarantee is commonplace, and it is underwritten by an insurance policy and guaranteed by a government agency. A similar policy will be sought from insurance industry. Furthermore, revenue from renewable energy production is almost always universally guaranteed by a central or federal government. Interestingly this project may go up to 1 GW, phasing in farms willing to participate.

Investment Risk

The majority of investment risk is in implementing within a year or less a microgrid of 5 megawatts.

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