gopal pic2Gopal Khar, CEO

With a passion to reduce carbon footprint, Gopal is technically, integrating solar wafer manufacturing and financially, implementing Carbon Dividend.  He has made enormous personal and financial commitment to this project. He has visited with manufacturers in Europe, India and United States. 


As an entrepreneur, Gopal started and managed two companies. Hudson Valley ADL Center Inc., a healthcare provider was started in 2006. Medcs Inc., a medical billing company was started 1996 and its medical data entry operation was off-shored to India.

Prior to these entrepreneurial efforts Gopal was a List Editor at Fortune Magazine of Time Warner. Previous twelve years he honed his technical and management skills at Colgate-Palmolive.

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Position Open, Country Director


SG Pic

Sudhir Garde, Solar Energy Consultant

Sudhir is a leader in India of solar energy technologies and national electrical grid. Since 2014 he is passionately committed to this project and to bring new solar technologies to India. In his previous position as country director he laid a foundation for India projects and continues supporting on-going projects.


In 2003 Sudhir founded Rays Enterprises, an Engineering Consultancy firm at Pune, India for design, engineering and implementation of solar, wind and co-generation /biomass/bio-gas energy generation. He has been associated with 400 MW for Solar and 200 MW Wind energy projects

Sudhir started his career at National Thermal Power Corporation, India where for 15 years he honed his technical and energy management skills; participated in the implementation of over 2000 MW of thermal energy projects.

Sudhir received Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electrical from Jiwaji University, India. 

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AnKoalaita Khar Manager Finance and Capital Market

Anita is responsible for investment crowdfunding for and attracting individual contribution to purchase appliances for poor farmers. She has worked for over ten years in the financial industry for MF Global and FC Stone International.


She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of capital markets and exotic financial instruments. Her intimate knowledge of CME, LME, Stock Exchanges and financial regulatory environment is unique. She has a Series 7 License.

She graduated from Cornell University and was All Ivy League Athlete in Ice Hockey.

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Contract Consultant


Invest India (Participants Aditi Anand, Manuj Khurana)

Government of India (Advisors):

KSR-1K.S. Raju, Advisor, Quartz Mining

KSR has 36 years of experience in the field of Mining, Mineral Beneficiation and Mineral Testing. As Controller General he led Indian Bureau of Mines, Government of India from 2001 to 2004. His experience will drive our effort, from quartzite discovery to extraction, in an ecologically friendly manner.