How to Avoid a Climate Disaster? by reducing carbon emissions in five economic sectors how we: plug in, make things, grow things, get around, keep cool and warm. There are solutions we have and the breakthroughs we need. (Bill Gates)

Breakthrough in How we make things

Impact on greenhouse gases: 31%.

R & D is reducing emissions of greenhouse gases by Integrating manufacturing of “silicon to wafers”. Breakthrough technology of very high temperature and quality measurement will be applied in production of Silicon. It can be applied to other high temperature manufacturing processes.

Improvement in How we plug in

Impact on greenhouse gases: 27%.

Further contributions are made to electricity production for Renew Agriculture. Qualitative improvement in Microgrid Management Software makes microgrid integrated, efficient, resilient and by Solar Robot which opens out when it is ready to produce maximum power as sun’s rays are always perpendicular to panels.

Additional funding is needed for each of these projects.