New Crop Energy from Sun or Renew Agriculture can be done anywhere in the world

Farming is done around the world. Financial incentives, free inputs such as fertilizer, and water, risk mechanisms such as crop insurance, and commodity markets, price supports, and tax rebates, are managed by agriculture infrastructure.

Country Wide Moon Shot

Spark for this project comes from a group of investors or government institutions interested in combating climate change and enhancing farm incomes.

In her book Mission Economy, economist Marianna Mazzucato describes, moon shot, a way to deploy capital and governmental resources toward a critical single objective mission. This moon-shot will harness agriculture infrastructure for this new crop, energy from the Sun.

Coincidently this project addresses many of UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 1: End poverty, Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy and Goal 13: Combat Climate Change.


Financing a group of farms, rather than a single farm, immediately creates immense value for financial institution. New farmers join the group due to its success. Continually enlarging the group, increasing energy output to profitably sustain the project.

Get started

Please contact us with your location physical address and energy to be produced we will use Geospatial Mapping to locate nonarable land, nearby farms, their boundary, location of poles on farm and connection to the central Microgrid. Upon selection of sources and uses of energy a Project Price Guarantee will provide the ultimate confidence in timely delivery for an agreed upon energy output.