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Our geospatial mapping specializes in these three areas:

  1. Identify energy source locations, and map their near and far environment such as farms.
  2. Optimize cable usage by using existing geospatial maps to locate combiners, transformers.
  3. Discover and locate quartz mines.

You may order Geospatial Mapping with confidence. Our specialist are waiting to help you. To have a common understanding of terms used in geospatial mapping please review Geospatial Mapping – Glossary of Terms.

Below are examples of some of real-world applications:

Mapping farm locations in Puerto Rico

Orchard Farming prevails in this sandy soil of south west of Puerto Rico with a nearby 132KVA transformers in the north and another in the south east. It was difficult to stratify the area according to geographic division, nearness to transformers, according to size of lots. Lot size similarities could not be established for stratification. We finally identified 5 strata each based on nearness to available transformers.

Mapping agricultural farms in Mandleshwar India

Optimize cable usage

A Geospatial map, boundary of your farms, location of energy sources allow the sources to be connected together by cables. Longer the distance between sources larger the resistance and more the energy loss. We use a very complex mathematical model to select pooling locations, transformers to minimize cable length.

Discovery of Quartz Mine

Process of discovering minerals yields a estimate of quantity of mineral in the mine. The process is available as a pdf in the side bar.

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