This photograph of Chamber of Princes in 1941 shows some of the princes who attended.

The Princes play a major social and political role in their erstwhile states and India. Their desire to help poorest people of their state can make a significant impact upon the lives of their former subjects.

From a partial list of Indian Princely States  we created the carousal below showing photographs and titles of princes. We invite you to improve and complete this list by providing the latest photographs and information.

In addition, we have invited other society leaders who may have barren rural land and standing in the local community.

A Plan for your state

This plan is designed to create long term sustainable income to support operations by deploying solar panels on

  • nearby barren land owned by the Princely State (2 MW pilot)
  • build upon the success of pilot to expand up to 1 GW facility
  • include other private farms in a selected area

Solar Energy India will manage the investment, energy production, distribution and payment of carbon dividend. A portion of energy generated on your land will be your return and a portion will be paid as Carbon Dividend on your behalf to rural labor, among the poorest in your erstwhile state.

We will evaluate your request for a pilot 2 MW solar farm without charge or promise. You will submit a request of your intention directly to the CEO, Solar Energy India at

Solar Energy India will create a Memorandum of Understanding and a Non Disclosure Agreement for your signature.  We will map availability of land with clear deed, location of area farms, safety of solar assets, status of transmission and distribution grid, project finance and long-term sustainable income.

In a multi step process we will work with you to expand the project to 1 GW or 1000 MW over a 10 year period.