beforeA Category 5 storm Maria with maximum sustained winds of up to 185 mph hit Puerto Rico on September 20th 2017. Near apocalyptic conditions persist as the electrical distribution grid is down in most places. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released images of Puerto Rico from the Suomi NPP satellite comparing power in these before and after images.

Puerto Rico and its residents are still suffer from the impact of hurricane Maria. It laid waste most of Puerto Rico’s infrastructure and destroyed its aging electrical grid, according to news reports. Millions of the island’s U.S. citizens may be without power for weeks or months or even longer

Solar Energy US is taking initiative to help people in rural municipality of Lajas, which lies east of Mayaguez and west of Ponce. This gallery provides a view of the area, agricultural plots in the first stratum of four marked and mapped,  16 solar panels on each farm will produce electricity without affecting agricultural production, panel location on farms and our proprietary solution.

This is a start. This project can scaled up to provide 1 GW of power to all of the surrounding rural areas and other agricultural locations on the island.


Solution for Lajas, Puerto Rico