To harness US solar innovations and market them we test their performance in our Solar Energy Lab. Testing is a very desirable activity prior to making large capital investments. While serving our company we do testing for others as well.

Simulation of the process

Solar Energy Lab uses MATLAB software to simulate the integrated manufacturing process to confirm savings and reduced carbon footprint.

Performance testing equipment

For each of the steps in Solar cell manufacturing, the facility will use

mini SAF furnace for conversion of Quartz to MG Grade Silicon,

an induction furnace for conversion to 5N silicon,

furnace string ribbon manufacturing and

process testing for assembly of panels.

Perfecting Carbon Dividend and minimize cable usage

Solar Energy Lab is working with Google/QGIS/ArcGIS to map and select rural farms for financing this project.  We use software to select pooling locations to minimize cable usage. Our first implementation country is India. As we perfect this model we could apply it to other countries in South Asia, Africa, Europe and South America.