ILAND TM is a complete intelligent integrated solution for renewable energy customers and clients. It is designed to integrate information from equipment suppliers, dynamically manage sources and users of energy, maintain the microgrid and interact with utility grid.

Our offering will integrate distributed energy sources and loads. A layered solution utilizes software technologies of AI/Machine learning, Fuzzy logic, Optimization and Geospatial Mapping.  This solution will be un-restricted and optimized from the get-go. It will not be built on top of traditional solutions or restricted by hardware.
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A Microgrid Management System achieves integration of renewable energy resources, enhances its resiliency and energy efficiency.

It integrates distributed energy resources such as  Solar, Wind, Genset, Biomass, Flywheel, Hydro, High-Capacity Capacitor, Battery.  It dynamically distributes power to meet local needs of Homes, Street Lights, Auto Charging, ATM, Grocery, Agricultural loads, Industrial Loads, Sewage, Waterworks all connected at a Microgrid Station. The Microgrid can stand alone, islanded, or connect to a utility grid.

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MicroGrid Management System conceived here is in five layers. Layer 0 through Layer 4 are referred to together as the MGMS. All the equipment of each resource and loads with any intermediate equipment is in Layer 0. Equipment in Layer 0 are circuit breakers, transformers, transmission lines, cables, motors, traditional generation, renewable resources, and loads and the feed to loads.

The primary purpose of Layer 1 through Layer 3 is to improve grid resiliency. Layer 4 is devoted operational and economic functions. The failure in higher layers does not impact on the functionality of more critical lower Layer equipment.

To monitor and control, very expensive Level 0 equipment, Layer 1 deploys devices such as current transformers, potential transformers,  digital status and controls, multifunction protective relays, remote I/O modules, and meters. Layer 1 devices provide all of the I/O, data collection, metering, protection, and physical control of Layer 0 devices. All of the protection and some of the controls are programmed in these Layer 1 devices. Controls in Layer 1 also include islanding detection, decoupling, and resynchronization.

Layer 2 communications equipment interrogates the protective relays, remote I/O modules, and meters and aggregates data to be transported to the centralized Layer 3 controllers. Security gateways at Layer 2 provide visibility of the MGMS to external users, businesses, or electric utilities.

Layer 3 centralized controllers provide control functions that require status information from Layer 1 devices. The algorithms in Layer 3 devices make decisions and send commands back to the Layer 1 devices. Typical controls in Layer 3 include power factor control, intertie contract dispatching, demand response, dispatch of renewables, load shedding, volt/VAR management, generation source optimization, and frequency control.

Layer 4 includes diagnostic and engineering tools, such as automatic event report (oscillography) retrieval, detailed sequential events recorder (SER) reports, and settings management for all MGMS equipment. Human-machine interfaces provide the real-time status of the MGMS to operations and maintenance staff. While our software development focus is on this layer the knowledge of data interactions and sources of data from other layers hold the key to our success.

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