3 I’s Strategy Innovate Integrate Implement 


Reducing carbon footprint is our passion. Our performance is based on the idea that renewable energy industry improves manufacturing processes to be cleanest energy source and in the interim renewable energy and fossil fuel resources create an inclusive resilient grid for “Energy for Life”.

Renew Agriculture, an innovative common program across the globe

  • Each participating farmer receives a Carbon Dividend of 2048 kWh of electricity or credit.
  • We expect financial innovation from financial partners. Property information is provided for estimating designing the layout and revenue for raising capital without affecting farm lease terms or cause foreclosure.
  • Within and with suppliers we insist on 4% cost and 4% process improvement each year.

R&D further innovates reducing carbon footprint by manufacturing integration of wafers, developing software for an integrated, efficient and resilient microgrid, recasting “panels on pole” as a Solar Robot.


Our planning integrates sources of energy with user of energy creating a microgrid blueprint to follow.

  • Dynamic Integration of energy sources with energy uses for a more resilient local microgrid by employing a microgrid management system.
  • Integrates with service companies for product quality control and testing and supply chain management and traceability


A fast phased implementation is planned to immediately realize revenue and impact costs:

  • Implement Renew Agriculture with project price guarantee to impact costs.
  • Partnership with local Engineering Procurement Construction companies (IFC Guide for EPCs) to impact project soft costs.
  • Monitor implementations and completed projects to receive feedback for improved operations.