To reduce carbon footprint: Innovate Integrate Implement 


Reducing carbon footprint is our passion. Company performance is based on the idea that solar industry must lower costs and be cheaper than other energy sources.

Within and outside we insist on 4% cost reduction and 4% process improvement each year.

We expect financial innovation from financial partners. They use farmer property information to raise capital without harming current farm output or affect foreclosure. We will implement:

– A 5 MW solar panel rural farm upon receiving financial support.

– Each participating farmer receives a Carbon Dividend of 2048 kWh of electricity or credit.

Contractually, we strive to reduce the financial risk of our partners by collaborating in the United States. Virtually immunizing them from capital and insolvency risks of operating in another country.


Our business plans integrate solar cell manufacturing under a single roof.

  • We minimize electrical energy and transportation costs in manufacturing.
  • Our laboratory tests product engineering certifies performance and integrates with the current implementation.


A phased implementation is planned. We do:

  • Implement integrated manufacturing after securing a guaranteed supply of energy from renewable sources preferably from our own rural solar and wind farm.
  • Partnership with local Engineering Procurement Construction companies (IFC Guide for EPCs) at lowest possible costs.
  • Constantly monitor implementations and completed projects and receive feedback in our CT laboratory to improve operations.